Things I Love Thursday - 09.03.09

western heels - What looks stylish, gives you a lift, yet makes the boots extra comfortable? Western heels. Whether it's on a pair of stylish new ankle boots or tried and true cowboy boots, male or female, I love them. These leather booties are from Blowfish, so they are very comfortable with not only the heels but the padded inside. I just bought these and am so excited to wear them. I have seen other shoes from this line with a similar heel as well, including pumps.

Real Simple - This magazine has everything- home decor, organization, money saving tips, recipes, health, fashion, beauty, etc. The images are gorgeous, filled with natural light. Not classist or ageist, it has something for every woman (and man, too, come to think of it). Browse some articles online at realsimple.com

clock hand jewelry - There are tons of these on etsy, both ready made and supplies. I bought some hands myself and made some extra long earrings:

designer jeans - Lately I've been obsessed in purchasing things that are worth the extra money, like a really really good pair of jeans. I've been checking out Gap's 1969 Premium Jeans, has anyone worn them?

solid black tights - Can't go wrong with these babies. I have a drawer full of tights every color and pattern, but I always pull out my opaque black stockings. They're just so perfect.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Real Simple is so awesome. I was reading this month's issue with Mr. Rochester. Even he thinks it's handy.

sarah louise walker said...

Except for the beauty and fashion stuff, I don't know what's not to like for guy or girl.