Laziest Wardrobe Remix Post Ever

It's surely the last nice day in Chicago for the year, and my outfit is post-worthy, but I didn't have time to snap a pic. So here is an exercise for your brain. If you scroll really fast maybe it will look like an optical illusion!

I wore this dress:


...with these tights (such an old picture, ugh):


...and these shoes


...and this blazer


See? Cute! I hope I never do this again. At least all these pieces have been photographed before, eh?

I love these tights and I've had them forever. I got them in high school...7 years ago? They reminded me of tights I had as a girl, and I have them in white also. I'm really glad they came back in style so I feel slightly less like "girl with weird tights," although for how popular they are I am having a hard time finding a cheap pair for a backup when these eventually rip.

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