Wardrobe Remix for 10.13.09 and Thee Greate Etsy Debate


ivory lace detailed blouse - huzzah vintage on etsy
black and white sundress worn as jumper - thrifted
tan stockings - marshall's
rust-coloured kitten heel maryjanes - target years and years and years ago

This is the first clothing item I have bought on etsy, and I love it. I had been looking for a basic white or off-white button-up blouse with just the slightest bit of detailing what wasn't gigantic on me (especially in the arms, all shirts look like poet shirts on me for some reason). I had been thrifting and couldn't find anything but even more shirts I could swim in. New styles of shirts STILL didn't fit me and were way too expensive. This blouse was reasonably priced and in great condition, and was just what I was looking for.

I know a few people who have qualms with people buying and selling vintage clothing on etsy. These people include some of my close friends, and even my boyfriend (at some point anyway, when I was considering it. Not sure how he feels about it now that I'm already selling). I started selling on etsy because I felt that the vintage pieces I was selling on eBay weren't going to the right owners. I felt like more people looking for vintage pieces were going to etsy unless they are following certain sellers on eBay. I like selling new pieces on eBay because a. that's where people look for new items discounted and b. I can get rid of it faster. With vintage it is nice to take your time, wait for the right person to buy the item, and do so yourself. I like the idea of selling, and even more so buying, at a fixed price instead of getting into a crazy, frantic bidding war.

I hear people saying that people who sell vintage clothing on etsy are just thrifting and jacking up the prices. While I can see that side of the argument, I first started selling clothing I already had that I felt should go to someone who would enjoy it more (and in some cases, whom it would actually fit). In regards to selling garments purchased for the shop, well, we are doing exactly what people at vintage clothing STORES do. Granted, you can say the same is not fair either and wokka wokka, but a lot of sellers (in store and online) sort through piles of garbage to find things that are wearable and stylish. They clean the garment, repair minor imperfections, and promote their wares. They do it so you don't have to. Some vintage stores and etsy sellers do overcharge, but many sellers I have seen are very reasonable. $18 for a blouse may seem crazy when you could have thrifted it, but you didn't. The seller did. You might never have even found it yourself (I didn't). That's the whole point of reselling vintage- digging up one-of-a-kind items and reselling them to people who can actually wear them.

There. That's my self-defensive rant for the day. What are your opinions on it? I know some of you sell and some of you buy on etsy. I'm very curious about any debates you've had!


Claire said...

I had those same shoes from Target! I wore mine into the ground, until the heels were little stubs. Good shoes.

I've often encountered vintage items both on etsy and in shops where I had that instant "I could find this in a thrift store or at an estate for $3!" reaction. But you're right, I didn't do the work, and if I wanted those prices I should have gone to a thrift store or in an estate. It's a finder's fee.

As someone's who's getting ready to start selling (probably ebaying) vintage clothes myself, all I can say is that being a really good vintage ragpicker is, honestly, a skill. The thought behind my new foray into selling isn't "Oh boy, I'm gonna rip off some people on the Internet," but rather, "Hm, I'm good at this and I need money. Time to monetize my skills."

Most people on the Interwebs would never set foot at the places in Detroit, North St. Louis, and other inner city and rural Rust Belt communities where I find these things, anyway. I worry about other vintage/antique items being redistributed, architectural bits and photos and the rest of my city's history being carted bit by auctionable bit to more prosperous locales.... buuut.... this ain't architectural antiquities. I think StL and the D will survive the loss of vintage clothing just fine.

HUzzah! Vintage said...

what a great remix of that sweet little blouse! I can't recall it every looking that cool on me ;)