Wardrobe Remix for 10.27.09


grey cardigan - F21
green plaid button-up top - Target
black belt with silver shells - F21
black leggings - Target
grey military boots - Target

A rare day I wear no vintage! Ah Target and Forever 21, my two fave non-thrift stores. I redyed my hair (yes, dear readers, for those who did not know I am a bottle redhead with my god-given brunette locks) and I'm wearing eye makeup, though I doubt you can tell either in this picture. And, yes, I am wearing leggings as "pants," for the second time this week. My roommate gave me shit Saturday, but I don't care since a. I am wearing them with shirts that cover my ass b. I am wearing them with shirts that look super super awkward with jeans and c. I finally have the body to not give a shit. Also this is the first time I've belted a cardigan. I feel so ~*modern*~

What modern trends are you finding yourself succumbing to? I can pull of leggings as bottoms, right, I'm not just deluding myself?

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Karina said...

I love this look! And you're not the only one with bottle-color...mine is bottle dark brown!