Recent Acquisitions: Accessories

Yes I'm a horrible spendthrift and I'm addicted to shopohol and blah blah blah. But if I wasn't this blog would be boring! I do it for you, dear readers.

Here are my fave recent accessory purchases (the first being so recent I haven't even gotten it in the mail yet!) from these fair intertubes:

black velvet hat from Perty May on etsy

vintage crocheted collar from ebay

silver twig ring (on right, and actually a belated anniversary gift from my gent) from Colby June on etsy

Also something about the cool weather makes me get super crafty. I made the following little ditties:

sock garters for my over-the-knee winter socks - I might post a tutorial for these, would anyone like that?

necklace I made - First (and awful quality) picture of the jewelry that will be in my etsy shop as soon as I have a decent amount of things ready! This might be a bit premature...but I'm excited either way!

I also have a queue of knitting patterns for a(nother) beret and some long black opera gloves for the dream cape I will probably never own. Once summer breaks I find myself knitting 500% more, I am even doing a commissioned scarf on the train in lieu of reading! What crafty things do you like to work on? What accessories do you covet lately?


Mamushka Marie said...

wow those sock garters are SOOOO cute! i would totally love a tutorial on those, you make such adorable things!
thanks for your comment by the way, you have a lovely blog, i'll be sure to follow...and can i just say, i wholeheartedly relate to your 'about me'... :)

sarah louise walker said...

I shall try to put one together, then! Thanks for your comment as well, it's great to meet you. Sorry it took me so long to reply.