Belated Post of Hallowe'en

Hello, bloggoverse, I'm sorry these pictures are dreadfully late (it's practically Christmas Eve) but I figured I best not dally a second longer and share my Hallowe'en costumes!

Halloween: Take One

Lamb Chop Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop

Halloween: Take Two

Little Pete Artie and his Little Viking

Little Pete (my brother went as Artie)

For even more great pictures of my friends' costume (from the Shining Twins to Toast) see the pictures on my flickr.


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

PETE AND PETE! this is the best costume, the absolute best. you've taken the prize on my favorite costume, hands down. I even had to show my boyfriend who can be a bit blase at times and he loved it! very creative. :)

eednic said...

ahahha! cute! i love the lambchop one.