The Full Shop Update

Okay technically that's a lie because late on Tuesday I got a few more things to add. But I'll be doing that really soon!

pink ruffle blouse, maroon handbag, purple plaid skirt

yellow pleated tunic, ivory envelope purse with removable strap, teal and black sweater

red and tan striped dress, houndstooth button-front skirt, black and silver striped sweater

red clutch, victorian prairie boots

Those Victorian boots kill me! I wish they were in my size! Ugh. Would some tiny-footed pixie please snatch these up before I try in vain again to wear them? Also, I love that tan and red dress so hard, but I'm too top heavy/slim shouldered to rock it just right.

Also I have some stuff on ebay up for auction that is not vintage, but if you win and buy something from my shop I will gladly combine shipping!


Mamushka Marie said...

I love love love the pink ruffle blouse...so many good things! Wish I didn't have to save all my pennies to move, but i'll be frequenting your shop for sure!

sarah louise walker said...

Thanks, that means a lot. I try to get a wide variety of styles and sizes in my shop, I hope people appreciate that! It's something I feel lacks from some other shops. Really trying to get more accessories and shoes, too.