Wardrobe Remixes for 11.13.09 and 11.14.09

Okay, I'm taking pictures most every day, I just suck at uploading them in a timely manner. I must have been channeling Shirley Manson and/or Angela Chase hardcore yesterday because I look like the missing third of some grungy 90s redhead trio. Picture complete with "Oh God, Mo-om" face:


chartreuse longsleeve tee - Target
brown polkadot strapless dress - clothing swap party
grey sweater tights - Kohl's
brown combat boots - Target

Today I guess I went back to my classic cut/little details/simple colour palate...probably because I wore my cape today and needed a good silhouette underneath (and my new above-the-elbow wool blended black gloves, they are ungodly warm!).


beige Zara top - thrifted
fuchsia "pocketwatch" skirt - thrifted
black stockings - H&M
beige t-strap flats - F21

I have worn these bleeding shoes into the ground, and I'm hesitant to keep my new hoofers from ModCloth. Quel disappointing, they feel really flimsy and were made in China. Tsk tsk, ModCloth, I expected better. I'm going to return them and buy similar ones from Urban Outfitters that look sturdier, and it is a sad day when UO's shoes out-sturdy you. You better step up your game, MC.

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Clare said...

You have great style! I love both of these outfits.