New Treasury, Layout, and Some Family History

My new treasury! Femme Fatale. This one was really fun to do, and I've got another fun one coming that I hope to do some time in the next week. Please check it out and leave me a comment!

Also, I totally redid the ole blog, take a look and let me know what you think? The photographs are all the stylish women of my family (all on my mom's side, not saying my dad's is less stylish I just didn't have any photographs handy!). L>R 1st row: aunt Pam, my grandma; 2nd row my cousin Amy, my mom, my grandma again.

My grandma, Betty Lucille (we all called her Betty Lou) was one stylish lady. When she had my mom, her youngest, she was 44 and rode to the hospital in a leopard print dress in a Convertible with the top down. She was born in 1908, so when I was 17 I was so jealous of her being 17 in 1925. Quel glamoreuse, n'est pas? Here are some more pictures of Betty Lou:

far right, I think she looks absolutely stunning here

on the left, I love her suit

Every time I see Pammy she swears I look just like her, but I don't think I'm nearly as pretty. I do dress like her, though, and every time I find a photo of her I want her clothes! She lived to be 81, quite a feat, but unfortunately I wasn't even 3 when she died. I know she and I would have been great friends, my earliest memories are actually of seeing her before she died and she was still as spry and crazy as ever. I never tire of hearing stories about her, too.


Lisa said...

you look just like your grandma :)

Mamushka Marie said...

loving the new blog look, those pictures are amazing...what a snazzy dresser Betty Lou was, and i do think you look like her! There were women in my family too who i wish i could steal clothing off of!
love the photos

sarah louise walker said...

You both are too kind. I should also post some pictures of Betty as she got older. She was a crazy bird who retained some style. I should ask my paternal grandmother for pictures, too, I wonder if she had any gorgeous 40s dresses at my age.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed looking at your family photos -- what a beauty she was!

Anonymous said...

oh, love your new blog layout, too. :)

Lindsay Jean said...

so lovey! great photos, and thank you for sharing!

marry said...

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