Wardrobe Remix for 11.07.09


vintage collar - eBay
red cotton shift dress - thrifted
black stockings - H&M
black patent leather t-straps - gifted

This outfit was inspired by the following image I spotted at Darling Darling's blog:

I don't know where it's from but I have been waiting to use this vintage collar I posted about a couple entries back and was getting dismayed at my lack of solid dresses. When I saw this last night I remembered I have 2 solid red dresses! Silly me for forgetting.

I should like to start making a folder on my computer for outfit inspirations, and I'm really bad at favouriting my the wardrobe_remix looks I like (all my faves are cute cats, ha!).


The Animal Orchestra said...

The picture of the girl with the striped stockings is Elinkan. She's so gorgeous!

I adore your outfit - I'm such a fan of red, black & white!

sarah louise walker said...

Cool, thanks! It is no longer a mystery. It's nice to know where these great pictures come from.