Wardrobe Remix for 11.08.09


pink blouse - thrifted
navy elastic waist skirt - Marshall's
taupe oxfords - Aldo

I was wrong about the last nice day in Chicago, luckily. Look at this, no sleeves or tights! And I was warm the entire time, even after sunset. Lucky me. This also makes me regret not wearing a pair of keds all summer. Next year!


HUzzah! Vintage said...

cute! makes me want to dye my hair red and thrift a bunch of peach for myself

eednic said...

your pink thrifted blouse is so pretty! and i love your hair!

sarah louise walker said...

Thanks, ladies! You're both super sweet. I was always an anti-pinkster but I like the contrast with the red hair. Who said redheads can't wear pink?