Recent Acquisitions (Or: How I Blew My Christmas Money)

A few weeks ago I told myself if I get any money for Christmas I should save it. Then, I said I'd buy one present for myself and save the rest. Instead, I spent pretty much all of it already (and will spend the last of it soon). On what? Well, let me show you...

These boots are from Aldo, originally $160. I got them for a song at $55. I did buy the boots I mentioned a few weeks ago, but I'm returning them because I was not fond of the fit on my little calves. These are cheaper, anyway. Excited!

I have such a hard time finding jeans that aren't a million dollars. My requirements? Mid-rise, darker wash, skinny, short inseam. These are a lot harder to find than it seems. I'm high-waisted with skinny legs, and long legs for my body type (but I'm still pretty short). Imagine my surprise when I found these at Urban Outfitters. The ones I got aren't these exactly, but pretty close. They are a little lighter wash, and don't hit my ankles on account of I am nowhere near the 5'9"-ish model. They're long, but wearable long. I-can-wear-these-with-boots-until-I-can-get-them-hemmed long. That's ok. They are stretchy and not legging thin, and the waist is perfect. All UO's denim is on sale, too, so instead of $54 I got mine for $39. Not bad if they last as long as I suspect they will.

I cannot justify this purchase as well as my others but I will be wearing it in 3 days if that accounts for anything. I bought what would be my holiday dress at H&M last month (which I found out today I cannot refund for money, just store credit, boohoo) but I caved when I saw all you cute bloggers with these Rodarte dresses. I originally wanted the baby blue eyelet one, but that one was nowhere to be found. At the Target in Shorewood this was the only dress left that interested me so I tried it on for kicks. I fell in love with how it looked on me. It's comfortable yet chic, I love the black tulle at the top, and the black looks great with my red hair and pale skin. I love it more and more every time I look at it, I feel like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and a ballerina in it. I am having fun thinking of ways to style it for NYE and I really love how all these great bloggers have worn it in different ways! It's the first time it's been fun to own something others own, too.

I haven't bought these yet, and these will be the most expensive purchase. I am waffling a little, but can get a good deal (under $100 from $170). These are the leather version of my favourite boots that I have worn so many times (and last winter, which I have no pictures of). I think I should just take the plunge and spend the dough on boots I've worn for 2 seasons already and I know go with everything. Wouldn't you agree?

Do you think I am being frivolous or am I making some good investments? I think the black boots and the jeans are, at least. What have you been spending your holiday money on?


anna bu said...

yapyap good investments :)
i spent all my money on winterjackets and vintage clothing this month :)

HUzzah! Vintage said...


(ps: particularly like the first pair of boots...as well as those gray oxfords on the model wearing the skinny jeans)