Wardrobe Remix for 12.11.09


silver extra long chandelier earrings - F21
dusty rose sweater with glittery damask pattern - thrifted
white skinny belt - thrifted
black pencil skirt - thrifted
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
grey military-style wedge boots - Target

My fringe is getting out of control! Does it look terrible? I am getting a trim next weekend, and am tempted to get Bettie bangs, but I think those will have to wait until the spring thaw since they will otherwise be squashed by my winter hats. It seems like ages since I have done an outfit post, but I suppose it is because it has gotten really cold here in Chicago really quickly. Brr. Trying to find cute/unique ways to layer, which just returns me to my stand-by winter look of British Equestrian/Schoolteacher from the 1940s. La. I suppose that is why these will be my Christmas present to myself:

Oh yes. And with various coupons I can get these bad boys for a mere $74, after tax, with free shipping. If they work out I'm taking them to the cobbler and having him/her go to town winterproofing them. Woohoo. I owe it to myself to have a pair of black leather boots that will be stylish and last through multiple winters. Is anyone else buying themselves a holiday present or am I the only one?


Michael Kaiser said...

I love this girl!

CrystaL* said...

Super cute outfit. I am always scared to put brown and grey together but you make it look awesome.
I am going to try it :)

sarah louise walker said...

Does it look brown? Someone else said so. The sweater is a dusty pink... :/