Wardrobe Remix for 12.23.09

12.23.09 1

chartreuse cowl - knit my me!
purple scoop tee - Target
hunter green wool pencil skirt - thrifted
black wool tights - warmlegwear.com
duck boots - Target

I finally finished my epic cowl/infinity scarf! I love it, it's so cozy. It's very soft and warm, not itchy at all. I feel like I am in a cocoon! And I can wear it many different ways; when it's warmer I will wear it long and unlooped, I can wear it as a shawl (something else I will to when it is warmer, and pin it), or as a neckwarmer and a hood. It's perfect cos it's been so cold and snowy here, and unfortunately my outfits have returned to my usual winter "uniform"- long sleeve tee, wool pencil skirt, tights, boots. I usually wear some sort of cardigan or sweater, too. I have a myriad of long sleeve tees and wool pencil skirts, in nearly every colour. Not much of a fashion risk, but it's a bit more stylish than most who are just trying to be warm (at least that's what I tell myself). They're cheap, at least, so easy to stock up on. All my longsleeve tees are under $10, either thrifted or from Target. Pencil skirts are all thrifted, under $5. I have such a hard time getting rid of skirts and such an easy time accruing more.

12.23.09 2

Do you like having more than one picture for details? I always worry it would be too many pictures of me. A silly worry- it's my blog, after all!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You look wonderful--love the cowl/scarf, and love the chartreuse shade. It looks fantastic with the hunter green and purple, and I can say from experience: chartreuse goes beautifully with teal.

Two thumbs up!

sarah louise walker said...

Thanks! Teal is my fave colour, so I will definitely keep that in mind. :D

Mamushka Marie said...

your cowl is ADORABLE! i love the color, quite nicely done.
i question how many pictures i should post of an outfit too, at times, i think the more the merrier!
happy holidays lady!