Etsy Wishlist

It's a little late to post this, sorry everyone. But maybe you can use some of your Saturnalia pennies to procure some treats for yourself (or any unfortunate soul you are acquainted with whose birthday is right after Christmas).

Macrame Owl Necklace by macraMe

These macrame owl necklaces by macraMe are so cute. I first saw them on the always awesome Lindsay's blog. Very affordable, they come in pretty much every colour under the rainbow! I also really enjoy the way they are photographed, too.

Zipper brooches by Designer Playground

I first saw Designer Playground on Etsy's front page, showcasing their fox stole t-shirts. While I loved those too, I was really attracted to these zipper brooches. They also come in a variety of colours and a few different styles. They also make bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and hairbands with the zippers, too.

Personalized Vintage Bookplates by Oiseaux

I used to have bookplates as a wee one, but I haven't seen them in ages. I love the ones on this site, and I think this one is my favourite. Is it because it's white and teal? Birds and a tree? It has my name on it already? Who knows. But I would totally adhere this to my absolute favourite books I'll never get rid of ever, and you should, too.

Charity Cat by Two Stray Cats

I saw these little cuties in this love-themed treasury yesterday by The House of Hearts and I wished I had seen them earlier! I would have gotten some for a few different people. They're darling and the best part is the profits go towards animals in need! Definitely keeping these on my list...

I also had a few vintage items on my list, but they have been purchased. Exciting! I wonder if they will find their way under my tree...? What etsy items were on your wishlist? What did you get your loved ones from etsy? I always love hearing about new shops.

Oh! And one final note - It's not too late to order from Slubird Vintage or Branchbound for Christmas if you are in the U.S.! Through Monday, if you message me "blog" with your purchase(s) I will upgrade your shipping to priority for free!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I don't think it's *ever* too late to post a wishlist. They are always interesting and inspiring, IMO. I like to see what other people are loving, no matter what time of year. (And I hope some of your wishlist item make it under your tree!)

CrystaL* said...

Oh I happy you posted this wishlist cause I wanted to list one too but I thought it was to late!
I love those zipper pins as well they are awesome!

Thanks for giving me a little shout out :)

Hope you have an awesome Christmas.

The4inONE said...

Thank you very much for this lovely post!


Mariana and Paula