Winter Necessity: Wool Skirts

Last winter the temperatures here dropped to approximately -20 for a slew of days, and a majority of the winter was below zero. Since I was sick of wearing my jeans tucked into boots, and soon jeans in general, I had to rethink my winter clothing defense mechanism. When it got to the point of needing three layers on my legs there was no way I could do any more under my skinny jeans, so I started with bare legs and worked my way up. I learned 2 pairs of tights (one microfiber and one sweater) was a good base, upon which I would build thigh-high socks or legwarmers. But my cute jersey dresses would not be able to help penetrate the windchill, so I needed to rethink my bottoms.

Enter the long, wool pleated skirt. Going past my knees, a usual fashion no-no for little ole me, it has a pleasing equestrian look with fitted or semi-fitted boots, and combined they provide my legs with allover shielding and yet the comfort to bulk up my legs without restricting movement. And they are definitely stylish! You can wear virtually anything with them. I either wear a fitted sweater, a long sleeve tee with a stylish cardigan or blazer, or a dress shirt and a vest. Layering your top half is easy, not so much your legs.

As I am on the hunt for some more of these wardrobe staples for myself, I have found a few lovely ones that I thought I would share with my readers. These are all from Etsy, because vintage is THE way to go for woolens. They're less likely to be a blend and are made so much better. If you live somewhere that gets this cold and wonder what you can wear that is stylish AND warm, look no further!

Olive Green and Tan Vintage Wool Pleated Skirt from Vintage Repeats, Vintage 1950s Nubby Brown Wool Skirt from Small Earth Vintage

vintage 70s Green Wool Pleated Skirt with buckle waist from Upscale Vintage, Sweet Pleats Skirt, 50s wool tweed from She's Fancy

Green Plaid checked Schoolgirl skirt with Pleats from Beta Boutique, Vintage 1970's Honey Scholastic Skirt from Thrush Vintage

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Holly said...

Thanks for including my 50s Sweet Pleats skirt! Love your ideas. :)