Red and Yellow Inspiration

I have been meaning to do a little post about colours that inspire me and that I enjoy, as well as my favourite colour combinations as of late. However, I am going to have to interject before I even began because I have seen three looks just this past weekend from the Wardrobe Remix pool on flickr that showcase the lovely pairing of yellow and red!

Here is a lovely look by the sweet Miss Silvia! I love the red and yellow worn with bits of white and warm rusty brown. One might not think they go too well together, but she definitely pulls it off. She also does something I love and do myself- match her stockings with her cardigan! This look is another one of her great red and yellow outfits.

Squeaky Kraken on flickr (whose blog is here) is wearing her yellow and red with a really awesome bow she made herself! It looks so sweet and prim from far away, but the bow is made of leather and the tartan skirt is a little punk, giving her look a perfect bit of edginess!

Alicia (on flickr as minicrush) wears a lot of black in her red and yellow outfit- but the red and yellow are far from being mere details. The black balances out the amazing yellow dress, and the solids of the rest of the outfit really let you see the plaid pattern of her red stockings. I have a similar pair myself; starting to regret selling a similar mustard shirt dress now!

Red and yellow are also great colours to transition from winter to spring, in my opinion. Red can be worn year round, and I think it's a nice bright colour that can perk up an outfit of winter neutrals. Yellow, a mustard yellow especially, also blends nicely with a lot of winter neutrals. Note how all of these outfits are worn with black, and/or brown. It also looks really nice with grey- I think a yellow and grey dress with red accessories would be downright stylish in any season, wouldn't you agree?


Alicia said...

Hi - I'm Alicia! Thanks so much for blogging my outfit; it's a first for me and so exciting! I enjoy your blog, too - consider me a new follower.

Enken said...

Thank you for liking my outfit as well! I love yellow, but often find it hard to wear, so I'm glad it worked out this time! I"m also following your blog... yay!

Mamushka Marie said...

love the colors! i absolutely love Sylvias style and have been thinking about featuring her on my blog too! good choices!