Wardrobe Remix for 01.25.10


grey cabled beret - knit by me
chartreuse moss stitch cowl - knit by me
teal longsleeve tee - thrifted
white and gold belt - thrifted
tan wool skirt - thrifted
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
ivory brass-tipped cowboy boots - thrifted


I felt bad I had not taken an outfit photo in what seems like years! The light has been so bad, really grey and dreary, especially in the morning before work. Today I said PHOOEY and braved the cold (only briefly) and had my friend Alma snap these for me before we went thrifting. I am wearing a couple of things I have knit myself (you've seen the cowl before) and my new/old cowboy boots! These rule! They have a high-ish western heel and are vegan, and appear to be from the late 70s. I was considering putting them in the shop but they are a bit too scruffy for me to sell with peace of mind, but they don't bother me! And they are perfectly my size, too.

As for thrifting, I found a few more pieces for the shop and a couple of small things for me; the cutest pair of oxfords I'm going to cram into, an ivory beret, and a belt that is really cute and simple that I considered listing for half a second but I might have to hang on to that for the time being. I also got the last of my lace! Making jewelry the rest of the night. Gonna try dying some more. Wish me luck!


Michael Kaiser said...

Looking lovely as ever, dear.

Solanah said...

Cute! The green is the perfect touch :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You look cute--that chartreuse/teal color combo is one of my very favorites!

Mamushka Marie said...

you look GORGEOUS! love all those colors!