Urban Outfitters Spring Catalog

I know I'm not the first blogger to post about the Spring collection for Urban Outfitters, but I haven't seen some of these photographs before so I thought I should post my own favourites! To preface, I saw (and loved) those shoes a few weeks ago on the site when they were first up, before the rest of the catalog. I want them so badly. The open back dress is gorgeous of course, and that romper is the first romper I've ever seen that I could see myself purchasing. How it would look on my figure, however, is another story. And that skirt is perfection, even though it is simple, and it's great to see navy as a spring neutral! It makes sense, it's not as dark as black but still goes beautifully with white, pale pink, mustard yellow, and baby blue with some nice contrast. Exciting to know the navy pieces I am accruing this winter will be just as wearable in the warmer months.

Have you seen the catalog? What are your favourite pieces?

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Mamushka Marie said...

Adorable...those shoes are amazing. Oh yes and we must must must do a swap soon, you have the best taste, so i'd be more than pleased to do a switcheroo with you :)