Ask Me Anything!

This picture isn't recent at all (pixie cut, brown hair) but it's one of my faves and I don't have a new one right now!

I am back from Madison with a bunch of pictures, but in the meantime I want to make a post I've been intending to for a few weeks now. I have gotten some more followers and even though I like to think of myself as an open book I'm sure some of you have some questions you want to ask me. Well, now is your chance! Ask me a question! Or two! Or three! Anything...fashion-related, personal, existential...go for it. And I'll take questions until this Sunday at 11pm cst. So, you pretty much have exactly 5 days. Go ahead! And while you are at it, tell me a little about yourselves, I love to know who is reading. Bloglovin' peeps, don't be shy!


Heliopsis said...

greetings from team h. we r also in chicago.

ummm a question:

whats your camera setup like 4 takin pics of items, and how did u arrive at it? (always curious how ppl takin pics)...

CrystaL* said...

Oh this is so fun! I have been thinking about doing this on my blog too. I'm thinking my birthday!

Alright question time:

1. Your profile of your blog it says you are an "artist" other then your awesome Branch Wood necklace what other art do you enjoy making?

2. What would be your dream job and location?

Oh and I really like the question from Heliopsis on how you take your pictures :)

Hope your having a great day!

Michael Kaiser said...

Why are you so demmed cute?

Mamushka Marie said...

ugh! sorry i missed you while you were in town, something came up, but i hope we can make it happen someday! perhaps i'll find my way down to chicago soon! can't wait to see your pictures from Madison....hope you had a lovely time! adorable picture by the way, you look great as a brunette! :)