Wardrobe Remix for 01.29.10 and 02.03.10

I did warn all of you that once it got cold I would wear the same two wool skirts every day, right? Well, luckily it's a little milder this year and I have acquired more wool skirts so I can now rotate between 6 different skirts. And more pairs of boots. Fun! But still limiting. I have a uniform and I cannot wait until I can experiment with colours and layers for style only, not for comfort. I did spice things up on Friday by breaking out a vest I had only worn one other time since I got it (with pants! Shocking!):


creme blouse - Huzzah Vintage
black vest - thrifted
grey herringbone wool skirt - thrifted
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
bronze flats - Target

This was pretty much my uniform last year, however. I had a vest that was more ill-fitting that I wore at least once a week with a solid black long sleeve blouse and a grey wool pencil skirt. Quel boring, n'est pas? Still, stylishly boring. The muted colours aren't always my bag, though. I do love this blouse I got from Gina, though, it is just what my wardrobe needed. I wish I got a close-up of the sweet details like the pearl buttons and tiny bits of lace.


navy boyfriend cardigan - thrifted
blue plaid t-shirt - Contempo Casuals (Wet Seal now? I've had this shirt for almost half my life!)
ivory wool skirt - thrifted
thick navy stockings - Nordstrom Rack I think
grey Steve Madden "Intyce" boots - jildor.com

Today I protested the cold by wear only one long sleeve layer (!) and only one layer of stockings (!!). What a rebel I am. I also wanted a little colour and lightness to my outfit. Please ignore my crazy hair; sometimes when it is freshly washed it looks like a wig. And also, there is Seymour! He was perched right there as I set up the camera. Fresh.

I hope to update again before this weekend, but if not it is because I will be in Madison this weekend! I haven't been in 10 years, I am excited. Work gave me four days off work this week so I am taking advantage and spending Saturday through Monday in the land of cheese. If anyone has any restaurant/bar/museum/shop recommendations for me for Madison do tell!

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Mamushka Marie said...

I can't believe you'll be in Madison! My recommendations are definitely to hit up the "good style shop" on east washington street, and also bars and restaurants on williamson street or atwood are the best! how long are you staying? want to grab a coffee perhaps!? let me know, i'll be around here :)