Riddle Me This, Slubird...

Your questions answered!

Heliopsis asked:

"whats your camera setup like 4 takin pics of items, and how did u arrive at it? (always curious how ppl takin pics)..."

I guess I started with the way I did for eBay...just wearing them myself. The hanger pictures always looked awful and it was hard to find a good background. I just did the same thing with Etsy, but I got annoyed at the cute things that photographed poorly on me/didn't fit me so I got a dress form. I like even natural light, too, and I always bracket even though I shoot with a dslr.

Crystal asked:

"1. Your profile of your blog it says you are an "artist" other then your awesome Branch Wood necklace what other art do you enjoy making?

2. What would be your dream job and location?"

1. Well, I went to Columbia College Chicago and got my BFA in photography. The closest I have done with it after graduating is shooting for Etsy. Also in school I did a lot of book binding/book art, something I miss but is really hard to do without the proper machinery.

2. Lately I've been idolizing Arizona and the desert...I want to be HOT. And it's dry heat, which I'd like. I love being near water but there's something about the same and cacti that's calling me. I think I would really just like to be an Etsy wife/own my own psychical boutique of vintage/handmade accessories/handmade clothing...mostly my own but also from designers I love.

Michael asked:

"Why are you so demmed cute?"

Years of practice.


I am a little surprised I didn't get more questions, but oh well. Maybe I'll try this again in the future.

In other news, yesterday I added two more necklaces to my Branchbound shop (with a few more on the way soon). Just click on each image to go to its Etsy listing.

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alexkeller said...

come visit me in AZ anytime!