What You've All Been Waiting For: Madison

Sorry it took me so long! So here is the last day and a half of my trip. Sunday morning Alma, Lisa and I went to have breakfast at the Sun Room, which was decent. Then we parted ways and after Alma and I went to the library where the above photo was taken we wandered up and down the shops on State Street. We went into Urban Outfitters and got BFF necklaces of the astrological persuasion (I got one with Cancer charms and she got one with Sagittarius charms). Then we went to the Botanical Gardens and even though we only had half an hour until close it was really nice to look at some GREEN plants and be warm; it was so humid in there my hair curled right up! I had Alma snap an outfit photo even though it was boring (I like the chartreuse and navy combo a lot though):

Cancer charm necklace - UO
grey cardigan - F21
chartreuse long sleeve tee - Target
navy pencil skirt - thrifted
black wool tights - warmlegwear.com
Steve Madden "Intyce" boots - jildor.com

And I got one of her:

It was so pretty in there with all the giant leaves, koi fish, creaky bridges, soothing waterfalls, and they even had little quails! I was so excited, as a bird-lover I had never seen quails before.

Later that night Alma and I went to the Jade Monkey Cocktail Lounge. We accidentally found it while looking for the Botanical Gardens. It had a 60s-looking sign so I decided to do my hair and makeup a little more retro with the only other outfit I had packed, styling my hair in a mini-beehive and with cat eyeliner.

Cancer charm necklace - UO
floral shirt dress - H&M
black tights - can't remember
Blowfish "Willis" booties - nyciwear.com


Of course when we get there we go inside and it's very sleek on modern, kind of Japanese. There were also two giant fishtanks and a few booths. Sin City was playing and there was a looong cocktail menu. I got a Russian Kiddie Cocktail and some sort of Long Island Iced tea. They had a few different kinds- only $3!

Also that evening Alma and I started a new blog project, the Traveling Jerks! You can check it out here, we'll be writing up Madison spots up in more detail soon. Here is the banner prototype I did on the bathroom chalkboard:

And here is a photo of yours truly working on future entries at a coffee shop the next morning:

After that we just bummed around a bit. I went into a vintage shop on Williamson Street called Lou Rags Vintage & Vogue. It was huge and the owner had tons of things! Mostly mid-century, in great condition, and fairly priced. I got a little white lace hat (it was 30% off!) and a burgundy bow tie. I cannot wait to wear them both.

Then we took a scenic route home, stopping in Milwaukee to eat some pizza and then we finally got to Mars Cheese Castle, what we had all been waiting for:

Only to find out they were just closing! But it was disappointing and a dump in there, so who cares. Then I came home and was tired. Then I put this off for almost a week! The end!

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Mamushka Marie said...

beautiful, love all your pictures lady! glad you had a good time!
i've been meaning to go into that vintage shop on willy street, but thought perhaps it was too pricey for me, i'll have to head over there now! :)