Friday Links for 03.19.10

That Mitchell and Webb Look, "Cheesoid" Since I finished Peep Show I started watching That Mitchell and Webb look cos I can't get enough of those boys. Last night I saw this skit and I've watched it 4 more times since then. I will almost always laugh at a robot joke, too. PET-RIL.

Kotex Gets Real Kotex has a new line of menstrual products, and a new self-ribbing ad campaign to go along with it. I can dig it.

AV Club's LOST reviews If you're a LOSTie, these are the best discussions of the episodes on the web IMO.

Starbucks announces free pastry day Tuesday, March 23. It shouldn't be a surprise that I am gross, but free food when I buy my coffee? What's not to like? Who doesn't like free food?

Etsy's Tips and Tricks for writing an engaging profile I like how it compares talking up you and your shop to chatting at the register. A must-read for any Etsy shop owner!

American Apparel Nail Polish I'm a bit iffy when it comes to AA, but these colours look really really good! And the price isn't too bad either, especially when you buy a 3 pack. Found on Twitch Vintage's blog.

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