Wardrobe Remix for 03.19.10


burgundy bow tie - Lou Rags Vintage and Vogue in Madison, WI
50s gingham dress - Etsy
black stockings - H&M
green leather flats - TJ Maxx

Since today is supposedly the last nice day for a while (Winter: The Sequel starts tomorrow) I figured I should wear another one of my new old cotton dresses. I was going to wait to wear this one until I get it "up to code" (needs to be hemmed and has a few stains I want to try to remove) but I was playing around with my new bow tie this morning and I liked the pairing so I kept it on! I was so excited when I found this bow tie, but then I wondered, hmm, how hard is this going to be to wear? Even though this dress is red and white if you look up real close it looks pink from most any other angle and pink and burgundy look good together, yeah? I know the black and green is also a little bit odd, but I wanted another dark to go with the burgundy, and the green is kind of nice with the pink. These shoes also have a wee bit of a heel which I wanted since this dress is past my knees. Can't wait to hem this, it will be so nice once it's hotter!

Here's a close up of the tie and my sleepy muggo:

03.19.10 detail

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


MissKellie said...

That dress is so adorable, and I love the bowtie! :D You look so cute!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Cute dress and love the bow! I love pink and burgundy together--even when the "pink" is really red gingham.

sarah louise said...

Thanks ladies! Karen, you have great colour sensibilities so I wholly trust your opinion that I do not look colourblind. :)