Wardrobe Remix for 03.14.10 and 03.15.10


blue button-up blouse - thrifted
black skinny leather belt - found in the basement
khaki shorts - thrifted
navy blue stockings - Nordstrom Rack
beige oxfords - Aldo

Not a great picture but I literally had to run to the bus after snapping it. I just got this blouse on Friday; I wanted a nice pale blue shirt to wear with a tan skirt or shorts.

03.15.10 1

03.15.10 2

khaki pea coat - thrifted
plaid shirt dress - Etsy
nude crocheted stockings - Marshall's
black woven wedges - thrifted
black purse - Target

Today however I got to wear my lovely new 50s shirt dress. I got it fits like a dream and you can't even tell it has shoulder pads! I thought it would be warmer today; it said it was going to be about 60 and sunny but it's more like overcast and 45. Boo to that! I am in the midst of running errands all day though so I paired it with my khaki peacoat and my new black purse. I also thrifted these shoes a couple of months ago and this is the first time I've been able to wear them. What do you think of them, though? They are so different than the other shoes I own.

03.15.10 3

During my photoshoot Sophie wandered over! Also my brother told me yesterday that he might be getting a basset hound for his birthday next month. I can't wait to see him!

03.15.10 4


Michael Kaiser said...

You look smashing in that dress!

Astral Boutique said...

I LOVE your stockings- Marshalls, no way! really?- and I vote a big YES for the shoes, there is something perfectly charming about them. (-;

Fifty Seven said...

uuughghgh you are so cool. love all of this.

love, fiftyseven

MissKellie said...

That dress is beautiful, you look so cute!! :D
And I love those shoes, they're adorable! You should definitely wear them more often! :)


Ashley Louise said...

that dress might be the most perfect dress ever! Great blog!