Wardrobe Remix for 03.22.10 and 03.23.10

Dear readers, I'm sorry I keep doing these two outfits-at-a-time posts! Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn't even think to post my outfit photos until I was about to go to bed. At least I'm taking them, though, right? Anyway, yesterday I was menstruating, just started hormonal birth control, and woke up with my right leg giving out on me nearly every step so my top priority was comfort. But I tried not to look like a sloppy hot mess so here is the outfit that resulted:


silver leaves necklace - F21
pink sweater - H&M
vintage seafoam skirt - thrifted
grey wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
Cole Hahn loafers - thrifted


03.22.10 details

I was actually a little warm at work...especially when I got really flustered because someone bought a piece of my artwork! He bought the piece on the left and he seemed excited to see more of my work in the store soon!

Today I wanted to wear my new shoes, which I bought on Saturday. My friend Alma got them a few weeks ago and kept talking about how comfortable they were and after so much I had to buy them! I asked her, of course, but we kinda dress the same anyway. Luckily we look nothing alike, haha. They were indeed comfy, and I love the 20s-yet-40s look they have. They are gonna look smashing in the summer with a little light coloured sundress!


floral shirtdress - H&M
navy polka dot stockings - F21
tan t-strap wedges - DSW


03.23.10 details

The first two pictures were taken with my usual point and shoot, the last two with my DSLR which I use for Etsy photos. Can you really tell a quality difference? It's so hard to focus on myself with the DSLR but if the quality is much better then maybe I will try to use it more for the blog...thoughts?

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