Friday Links for 03.26.10

They are reissuing The Babysitters Club books And this is a really interesting editorial stating why it's important that they do get reissued.

Spring Cleaning: Detox Your Space There's a million articles about cleaning out your closet, but this one had me at "What fashion enthusiast wouldn't lust over a closet that could pass as a little boutique?"

Spool No. 72 I am lusting after all these delicate Spring items, especially the tops, even though I can't afford them. Story of my life, though. Swoon.

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" Worth it just to see Patton Oswalt as Dr Demento.

DYI Tutorial: Make Your Own Kraft Packages A must read for anyone who likes sending post that's anything but ordinary!

Do You Alter Vintage? Jennine at The Coveted asks, and defends, her answer to this question. I, too, am torn and can see both sides. I hem a lot of garments, sometimes take them in, but have yet to do a "dramatic" rehaul. I'm really curious of everyone's opinions on this. Please share!

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Purple Deer said...

I just got my sweet shrub blouse from Spool No. 72 I'm in love with it. Your better then me...I can't afford it but I still bought it.

I'm excited that the babysitters club is being re-issued. I remember reading them when I 7 thinking I'm going to make a ton of money when I 13...I didn't...but the idea was there.