Wardrobe Remix for 03.27.10


chartreuse long sleeve tee - Target
houndstooth pencil skirt - clothing swap
teal microfiber tights - welovecolors.com
black woven wedges - thrifted

I was so excited when I won a pair of free We Love Colors tights from a giveaway Clothed Much blog! I knew exactly what colour I wanted, this nice teal. I love this colour, and even though I have a drawer of just tights I was lacking this hue. They are really nice, they feel so sturdy. Really smooth and I can already tell they aren't going to pill. Like I heard from many other bloggers, they are brighter in person, but I think these are just bright enough. I was so excited to pair them with the chartreuse and the black and white (I've been all about chartreuse, as you know). This is one of those outfits where all the colours come together perfectly.


03.27.10 details


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Perfect! I love those tights--I had a pair in just that shade from Target that have gone missing, so I will have to check out We Love Colors. And you need to keep rocking the chartreuse--it looks so great with your red hair!

Leilani said...

Hi there, glad to find another Chicago vintage blogger... will add you to my links soon. :) Thanks for adding me on flickr, I love all your outfits (those wedges are great, been wanting a pair like that!)