Wardrobe Remix for 03.30.10


maroon cardigan - thrifted
green double-u tee - AA via eBay
pen necklace - gift from my dad
floral skirt - thrifted
tights - it is a mystery
tan wedges - DSW

Dudes. I gotta say, I am pretty good at matching on a general basis. But today I NAILED IT without being too cloying. The colour of the tights, sweater, and tee are all found in this skirt that totally was going to go into the shop until I swiped it (I have like 2 Spring skirts that fit me since I lost weight!). Behold:

03.30.10 details

03.30.10 details


I promise the next time I wear these shoes I won't wear blue stockings. I guess I just like the contrast! Sorry I keep fidgeting with my hair...I had another picture of me futzing with it I almost posted, too. Well, Saturday I get a haircut, finally, since Winter is officially over. Which means I can finally cut my fringe like this! Do you think I can pull it off? I hope so cos I don't know what else to do instead!


Mamushka Marie said...

cute! love the blue tights!

Mamushka Marie

Mousevox Vintage said...

Those tights are so perfect. I used to have a pair in a similar shade, but they went missing during my latest move. I might need to dig through some boxes now! xo.