Friday Links for 04.09.10

This week I bring you 100% goofy links, both new and from the vault. Because, why not?

Cat Shirts I found one of these on eBay, forgot the link, and then stumbled upon this gem. I wish there were more, though! Also great if you like bad puns.

Kermit Bale I never get sick of this extended comparison between Kermit the Frog and Christian Bale.

Garfield Randomizer A great way to kill time.

Cast and Crew of Mad Men sing "Bye Bye Birdie" Need I say more?

The Garry Shandling Movie Poster Project It's kind of embarrassing how funny this is.

Also this isn't funny butbe sure to enter my Abarne necklace giveaway! I announce the winner Monday!

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