So, last week I was having a meltdown of sorts. I was so stressed out from work, my apartment, Chicago in general and I was losing my mind. I had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, and my boyfriend had a free roundtrip Southwest flight saved up, and so off I went to Lawrence! My last visit there, a mere two weeks before Michael moves here! I was so happy. I got to get out of town, see the love of my life, and just hang out.


sailor print sundress - F21
vintage "S" necklace - Epoch Beads on Etsy
sunnies - Target
Rocketdog Lisbon sandals - Altrec.com


Saturday we strolled down Mass Street, and I practically bolted to the Antique Mall. I felt kinda bad because Michael was there last week, but he still pored over things. I'm so lucky to have a man so entranced my the past as I am. He loves looking for barware, typewriters, ties, and tie tacks, so that kept him busy.

ballerina lamps

antique mall stuff


I wanted this clock so badly:

want. this. clock.

Michael and my future apartment will have all this crap

who would buy this?

my pile of vintage clothing

furry purry, lookin' smoov

I found a couple of dresses for me (one might work its way into the shop soon) and a few other things for the shop. We hit a few more shops, got Mexican food, and then went to the Salvation Army (his idea!). It was great, they had all the vintage stuff separated from the rest and it didn't cost any more. Easy peasy. So yes, got a few more things there, too. Didn't expect to "work" while I was gone so flying back with all this crap was a wee bit of an ordeal, but I managed.

That night we went for drinks with his friends and Sunday we went to the lake. Oh man the humidity the entire time was awful. I felt like I was walking through the rainforest. Seriously, I was a sticky bun. Anyway we went out for dinner and saw Inception, which we both liked! Leonardo DiCaprio loves playing characters with insane wives.

chicken door



invisible purse - thrifted
mixed metals bib necklace - Target
sunnies in my hand - Target
yellow cardigan - Target
chambray sundress - Target
Rocketdog Lisbon sandals - Altrec.com


Me and Michael, last visit to Lawrence!

Monday we dicked around a bit (I wore this same outfit Sunday night and Monday) before I had to go to the airport. Next time I see him we will be in the midst of moving him in! Thanks again, Michael, for the mini vaycay!

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Anonymous said...

That was so sweet of him!! The little nautical dress is just sooo darling ^.^

Q's Daydream said...

How nice! My hubby loves browsing with me too, isn't it wonderful!?
I love you dresses so much!
Oh, and I see Elvis!!!! lol ;o)

PrettyDamnCute said...

Great outfits and great shop pics. Were you in Lawrence Mass?

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

I want to go thrifting now!

Aria said...

♡ Cute Blog ♡
great pictures

Josh said...

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Natasha the whimsical nerd said...

I am in Chicago too and misread your post initially...I about to take that antique store by storm.

You look very pretty in your dresses! I think I have that same mustard cardigan from Target. I wear it a lot and it has very nearly turned to dust.