Lovely Ladies in Lace and Giveaway Winner

I'm so happy to have such pretty, stylish ladies wearing my Branchbound wares! Sadie Rose is wearing the Darcy Earrings, Karen is wearing the Madelief headband, and Rachel is wearing the Darcy Necklace. Rachel was also kind enough to have Branchbound as the Designer Spotlight on her blog. You can read my interview here!

Without further ado...the winner of my Happy 100s Giveaway is Beatrice! And soon she will be featured here since she used her Branchbound store credit immediately on these. She will look amazing in them, I know it. Thanks to everyone who entered, and fret not if you did not win; I'll be having TWO giveaways in August!


Sadie Rose said...

yes!!! look at all these gorgeous ladies in your gorgeous lace. i love it. so happy to be a part of the group. xo

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Love it! :)


Aww, thank you for including me in such a lovely post.

I like how we all have such different style and your pieces seem to still fit just right.