Wardrobe Remix for 03.28.11


Jonathan Logan sailor dress - Small Earth Vintage
polka dot tights - Target
tan t-strap wedges - DSW
striped purse - Target via eBay

photos care of Rachel



My last day in Nashville the sun finally came out, and Rachel and I had been really bad about taking outfit photos so we wanted to find a good spot. Rachel thought we'd stop by a mill that was being converted into stores, and upstairs it was empty with this amazing skylight. As you can tell, these images are pretty much perfect.

I am excited to be wearing this dress from Karen I got in late October, and since I wasn't partial to it with a sweater I've been waiting for it to warm up so I could wear it. I think Karen was actually wearing one of my headbands at the same time I was wearing this dress! ♥

Also, let me tell you about this ring. I had this exact ring for about a year before I lost a stone (green, my fave) a few weeks ago. I went to the Nashville Flea Market and a vendor had this ring so I bought a new one! Hooray! Also, you can see my sweet manicure.




Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Look at you, hot stuff! I'm loving the brown tones with your blonde hair--gorgeous. You look so great, Slu. (And I love that we may have been simultaneously wearing each other's items!)

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

I love Johnathan Logan (SIGH) You look fantastic.

Thomas said...

what a cute woman. very elegant
and...I like a game of shadows on your face in first pic

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