Wardrobe Remix for 11.15.09


champagne sweater - thrifted
black high-waisted jeans - H&M
black leather belt - thrifted
brown boots - thrifted

This outfit is kind of an equestrian-meets-glam look. Just imagine Alison Goldfrapp wearing it as she sings "Ride A White Horse."

I notice on and off how heavily 80s my look is. But not in a tacky neon-acid wash way, but in the retro-modernized 1940s way a lot of well made 80s pieces look. It's no secret there's a lot of 80s-does-40s stuff at the thrift store and why that speaks to people. I think I like it best because it has a lot of the style points of 1940s attire I love- classic pieces and cuts, high waist, just a touch of elegant drama in the sleeves or collar- but in the 80s it was made more accessible. I don't wear heels every day, and neither did women in the 80s. It's nice I can wear a skirt that's 40s inspired but only hits my knees so I can wear flats and not look matronly. And while I love 50s and 60s looks, especially for their comfort and ease, I always find myself drawn to 80s-does-40s pencil skirts at the thrift store (my closet is full of them, wool to thin rayon, every colour of the rainbow), a fitted high-waisted sweater, a lot of cozy neutral knits, classic flat shoes, and for the colder months in particular.

Are there styles you feel drawn to? Why? Do you associate with cyclical fashion like I do? (I also really really love 70s-does-Edwardian but that rant is for another entry.)

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Mamushka Marie said...

this is one hot look, high waisted jeans with boots - perfect!