Cold Winter Blues

Not surprisingly, the weather here has been very very brisk lately. It makes waking up in the morning dreadful what with the sun not being up yet and it being too cold to leave my toasty little bed. When I am forced to get out of my house and go to work, I either dress per my previous suggestion or as follows:



01.10.10 details

teal beaded necklace - F21
grey long sleeve scoop tee - Target
black diamond-knit belted cardigan - Target
skinny blue jeans - BDG via UO
black duck boots - Target

I wore this outfit Sunday, and a variation of it last Thursday. I love those long sleeve tees. I probably wear one every day in the winter and have a closet full in every colour. I know it's time to do the laundry when I am down to my last one. They are great in neutral colours for easy matching or a bright colour that just peeks out to add a little pop. Anyway, since this was so neutral I added the necklace for just a tiny bit of colour without being too clashy.

Today, however, the weather broke a little bit and I was able to wear this:



01.13.10 details

Bryndis lace necklace - Branchbound, another is available in my shop
black long sleeve scoop tee - Target
khaki plaid petal skirt - Tulle
black cotton tights - Filene's Basement
grey leather wedge boots - Steve Madden via Jildor

I bought this Tulle skirt during their Black Friday sale but the weather has been so deplorable it has just sat in my closet. Today I said, no wool! I pulled it on with my new boots (which didn't need breaking in, luckily!) and topped off the rest of my black ensemble with my lace collar necklace. I felt very cute, something that is a nice pick me up after days of sweaters and wearing two scarves (yes I've done it).

One upside to the cold, though, is that it makes me go straight home after work and work on shop things. I've been working on a lot of new jewelry for Branchbound, and I just bought a dress form for Slubird Vintage. I ordered business cards, too. I love just emerging myself into my shops right now. This weekend I am going to Ikea and cleaning out my room, closet, desk, and communal area shelving. Phew! But, productive.


Leproust Vintage said...

I love the tulip skirt! SO cute! Tulle is so wonderful!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Sweet skirt, I love the shape and pattern.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh I like that green beaded necklace! I have a penchant for 80s-esque necklaces.

Varpu said...

Oh that lace collar is so adorable!! The skirt too!

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