sorry sorry sorry

Just a quick post to apologize to my readers. I've been an awful blogger lately. Nearly a week with no update! I've been super exhausted, partly cos I'm sick and partly cos of work and partly cos of stress...and that ain't changin' any time soon. But once I get acclimated to my new lifestyle (Michael, my boyfriend who currently lives in Kansas) will be moving here in two days and in three days I become manager at my place of work (meaning more hours, money, and responsibility)...but despite it all I will still find time to post! I'll at least try to throw in some filler posts now and again. AND my room is starting to look less like my moving boxes exploded (two months later...) so maybe I'll take some photos of my new place.

In the meantime, so you can hate me a little less, here's a(n oldish) picture of my cat being cute:



hannah said...

your kitty is too cute! & congrats on the promotion !!

grunge-queen said...

I just found you through thriftaholic and your blog is so sweet. I too can relate about the stress and life events interfering with (for me, the quality of my) blogging - and have been known to post cute cat filler pics on my blog in these moments! I just try my best to let the guilt and trust my readers will see me through it! Hang in there!

broke in the OC said...

hehe, your cat is sooo cute!

Kelly Lauren said...

It's ok, we all get caught up with our REAL lives from time to time haha! and your kitty is so adorable, I want him.